Barrak Gas Factory

acetaline gas

Barrak Industrial Gases Plant is one of the leading producers of medical as well as industrial gases. Established in the year 2008, it is now amongst the pioneers in the field of distribution of medical and industrial gases. It contributes towards the growth of trade and industry in the Eastern Province. An amount of 17,000,000 Saudi Riyals was invested in a plant with build-up area of 30,000 square meters and the investment is growing. As a forerunner in this industry, we are able to meet the market demands with our products of unmatched international quality. A heavy investment has been made into our quality manufacturing process and R&D unit to further improve the quality. Barrak Gas Plant will continue its significant growth and market leadership in providing Saudi Arabian industry with the best gas quality as well as the safest and most reliable service. Since inception, Barrak Gas Plant has been committed to manufacturing excellence, innovative solution and the highest product quality in our field; these make us a world-class gas supplier and at the same time addvalue to our customers, products and services.Two years ago, Barrak gases factory obtained MODEN's approval to expand the factory size and offer new products that include carbon dioxide and acetylene production lines.

The Factory provides the following products and more:

  • Liquid Oxygen & Refill Oxygen Gas Cylinders
  • Acetylene Gas
  • Argon Gas
  • Nitrogen Liquid & Refill Nitrogen Gas Cylinders
  • Carbon Dioxide Liquid & Refill Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) Cylinders
  • Medical Air
  • Medical Oxygen